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The Nitty-Gritty in the Arts Business World

  We learn in life to be successful is to continue trying, even when things are difficult. Something goes wrong, you change your approach until it works, right? But what if your goals aim is in an industry that is wrought with disorganization and businessmen trying to make profit off […]

International Artist Day Anonymous Art Show!

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted into the International Artist Day Anonymous Art Show! Over 100 artists have been selected to paint pieces that will be for sale. The location is pretty unique as 100 Braid Street was once a distillery dating back to 1904. The […]

Northern Nostalgia – Art Exhibition

The show is fast approaching! You may be wondering what to expect, what will make this event worth the effort of going to 163 W Pender in downtown Vancouver? My answer: the event will have 18 original works, for one artist this is significant. Eight of these works have been […]

First Solo Exhibit & How it all Began

It’s finally happening, all from happenstance. I have been a firm believer in the power of social support for artists. I stopped painting for a brief time as I no longer thought I had anything to offer. I met someone and he believed in me. The outcome? I haven’t stopped […]

Navigating the Vast Art World – One Artists Experiences

As a painter and someone who wishes to sell paintings I have been trying various arenas to get my work out there. There is so much to chose from: cafes, online platforms, markets, special events, dare I say….galleries? The list goes on….. When I first began painting professionally a few […]