Mixed Media

Reclaimed Memories

24”x48” each (dyptych 48″x96″ total) Mixed media – paper on wood Available   In an attempt to bring old paper and stories back to life I created something new. I sourced old music paper and journals. I combined my batik skills (2000 year old wax resistant dying process) with these […]

Dance of the Chickadee!

The song of the chickadee can be heard anywhere you go, you just have to listen. This little guys look sweet but they can be fierce and territorial. This is a mixed media piece made from recycled paper and various mediums. Enjoy! Melissa Burgher


This painting aims to express thoughts through movement and colors. The wolfs head is bowed; this can be seen as a sign of sublimation to what is happening in the outside world. It can also be interpreted as a deep mental state of thought processing, like a person who bows […]