Lax Gibuu

I have been interested and intertwined with indigenous culture my entire life. Part of what has drawn me to this culture is the stories and reverence for the animals and the spirit realm. The sophisticated stories of how man, woman and the world came to be are surrounded by shared […]

San Jo Bay

Last summer my partner and I traveled up to Cape Scott Provincial Park to cross an item off my bucket list: to plein air paint the iconic San Josef tree stacks. After which we would do the four day hike into Cape Scott. We drove several hours to north island, […]

Crescent Beach

This painting represents several aspects of Crescent Beach and Ocean Park, here in BC Canada. I was asked if I could paint a composite piece of both locations, which I was thrilled to accept! I grew up in White Rock and as a teenager and I spent most weekends walking […]

Lounging Arbutus

Available I painted this arbutus after spending a few weekends on Pitt Lake. As I paddled up and down the shoreline I noticed arbutus leaves sticking out here and there, hidden away. Pitt Lake is full of so many hidden arbutus, I wanted to paint the arbutus instead right in […]

Secret Beach – Hidden Cove

Tofino is a wonderful place full of some of the best views Vancouver Island has to offer. I went there three summers ago to paint. The vast openness of the water was breathtaking. When you stand there you know you are standing at the edge of western Canada. This particular […]


  I fell in love with the arbutus many years ago. I remember when I really began to notice them on Vancouver Island. Soon after I became familiar with this tree I began to see them everywhere, even in Vancouver. I learned that the Arbutus needs a high level of […]