Lax Gibuu

I have been interested and intertwined with indigenous culture my entire life. Part of what has drawn me to this culture is the stories and reverence for the animals and the spirit realm. The sophisticated stories of how man, woman and the world came to be are surrounded by shared […]


Today is World Happiness Day! Lets (try to) be happy! Whats makes you happy? We are all so unique and different and each one of us requires different things to feel happy. For myself, its the inspiration being drawn from the muse, often nature. This inspiration makes me feel elevated […]

Kissy Fishy

The ocean is my happy place. I am inspired by the love people have for the ocean; its mystery and beauty. I am also increasingly inspired by toddlers and young children. The way they look and interact with the world is and full of curiosity. I thought it would be […]