Pattullo – Bridge Painting Using Recycled Materials


Mixed Media on Wood



Bridges have always fascinated me. They are large, shaking structures that we drive over to get to an event or loved one (We have a way to drive over water, I mean, how cool is that?!?). The Pattullo has always been my favorite bridge, with its formidable presence and stylish aesthetic, it really has a character that surpasses many of its neighbor bridges (though they too, have their charm).

This painting happened quite serendipitous. My partner enjoyed all my earlier works using up-cycled paper and so when he got his hands on some structural engineer paper he though he would have a go at trying to paint the bridge. He started gluing the paper on in the fashion I had used, but he never got around to painting the thing. I asked if he would like me to do it, which he agreed (but only if I could sell it, I might add)

The paper as always, leaves delicious textures and happy accidents. I have a technique of laying the paper down that still allows it to hold mediums while retaining its quality. I find the juxtaposition between math and art very interesting in this piece. When we think of math, it is done with many rules. However, when you think of art, it is more experimental. Some even say “anything goes”. That being said, art actually has many rules. Artists are expected to have a “style” and stay in the confounds of that one subject or way of creating. In actuality, math and art may have more in common than I realize. Moreover, everything around us seems to be a result of math. The paint I use, the easel I paint on etc. Maybe there is a harmony that happens when you put the left and the right brain together. I have had many great conversations in my studio about this piece. I would love to hear what you think.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 4 × 26 in


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