San Jo Bay

San Jo Bay
Oil on canvas

Last summer my partner and I traveled up to Cape Scott Provincial Park to cross an item off my bucket list: to plein air paint the iconic San Josef tree stacks. After which we would do the four day hike into Cape Scott. We drove several hours to north island, where we then traveled an hour on a bumpy and slow going dirt road. I packed all my art gear and we hiked into San Jo bay, where I finally was able to start my painting. This piece was painted on location in the traditional plein air manner. The sky was bright and the air was fresh. We hiked 5 kms in to paint this piece, even crossing a dead shark on our way! The coast of Vancouver Islands shoreline is something from a different planet. Being on the mainland coast is also beautiful, but we just don’t get the same variety of plant, sea and mammal life that the island has with its open waters. The bays and fjords are often teaming with seals, otters, whales and an abundance of beautifully colored sea shells. On this trip I encountered sea lions, deer on the beach, and saw many sea wolf tracks. These land stacks at San Jo have always stood out as odd and strikingly beautiful. I am so happy I got to experience this remote place, and what a bonus to have a painting made from those wonderful moments in the sun, water and sand.

Standing on the pacific rim, San Jo Bay
The painting started out vertical, but I switched it to horizontal.