Lounging Arbutus

Arbutus on the Rocks 14″x18″ Acrylic on Canvas


I painted this arbutus after spending a few weekends on Pitt Lake. As I paddled up and down the shoreline I noticed arbutus leaves sticking out here and there, hidden away. Pitt Lake is full of so many hidden arbutus, I wanted to paint the arbutus instead right in front of me, lounging on the lake. I had seen from a hike prior to painting this arbutus many trees growing down and up rock crevices. This gave me the idea to paint the arbutus similarly. I love looking at the rock cliffs along Pitt Lake as they are often neon green with algae. The contrasting colors of orange and green were too natural to paint for me. In this image the mountains fade in the back as the light comes pouring into the foreground, illuminating this beautiful sacred tree.

– Melissa

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