Little Yellow Trees ~ An Acrylic Landscape Painting of Trees & Mountains Inspired by Fall; Playing with Light and Contrast

Sold ~ Private Collection

Fall is the time of year where the colors turn fiery; they become energized and invigorating. The land around us is changing and delicate. At any moment the rains could come and all the leaves drop, leaving skeleton trees. In the moment where the sun sets low and the last rays of light hit the trees we are completely emerged into this fiery world full of wonder and delight. We pause and watch the land shift colors and bathe in the sun. Around us the farm fields are changing color, the blueberry plants’ leaves turn red, the pumpkins and squashes are ready to be carved and made into stews. There is electricity in the air full of change.

These are the feelings fall has left me with, these are the feelings I put into this painting.

“In this work Little Yellow Trees I wanted to branch away from the cool blues and greens I so often use and rely on a warmer color pallet. This warmer color pallet also lends from the long fall we have experienced here in beautiful B.C. Canada. I used burnt sienna, raw umber, cadmium orange, deep reds and some warmer blues and greens. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were standing at this place; Seeing the Little Yellow Trees with the sun beaming down on them, lighting warmth in the heart and smelling falls sweet aroma.”