Crescent Beach

Sold ~ Private Collection
Limited Ed. Giclee Prints Available

This painting represents several aspects of Crescent Beach and Ocean Park, here in BC Canada. I was asked if I could paint a composite piece of both locations, which I was thrilled to accept! I grew up in White Rock and as a teenager and I spent most weekends walking and even sleeping on Crescent Beach. It’s not as populated as White Rock and there are some real hidden gems to be found both along the water and in the beautiful old growth forests.

I worked closely with the client’s expectations and with his help I was able to create this stunning piece. Many artists don’t like commissions, but I find them exciting! Working closely with someone else’s dreams is an honor. I also think about all the great masters from the past, and how all of them did commissions. If you have any ideas you want to see turned into paintings, I am always open to discussing those ideas with you!

Thanks for viewing.

xo Melissa