Mixed Media

Today is World Happiness Day! Lets (try to) be happy!

Whats makes you happy? We are all so unique and different and each one of us requires different things to feel happy. For myself, its the inspiration being drawn from the muse, often nature. This inspiration makes me feel elevated with excitement and joy. It has been the animals, the trees, the earth and the people. Historically animals have been my muse, but lately I am more drawn to the female figure and its connection to water. I feel like my love for the ocean never began, it’s always just been. Only now am I tapping into this underwater world with the intent of sharing my feeling of it with you.
I have always felt connected to the ocean, the breaking waves, salty smells and the sand between my toes. I have found myself many times way out in the Pacific Ocean, bouncing in the swells. Ocean life runs through my veins, my ancestors were all seafarers, fishermen and travelers. I grew up surrounded by boats, fishermen and great indigenous chiefs and communities. My family is tied to this land and it’s oceans, just like my Scottish and Irish ancestors were tied to theirs. The ocean provides for me, and grounds me. From a young age I swam in the currents. I never had time to fear what was beneath, for there was always a respect and curious attitude towards this great moving force. The ocean is my home, and it will continue to be a place of inspiration and comfort.

Thanks for viewing,
Xo Melissa