Blackie Spit ~ Eagles Overlooking Burnaby and North Vancouver

Blackie Spit
Acrylic on Canvas

Semiahmoo Bay is a beautiful spot to be in. I recently learned that Semiahmoo means half moon, because the bay is formed like a crescent/half moon. I grew up in the Semiahmoo territory and wish I had spent more time learning about the place names and culture (then again I was pretty young!) Luckily time is on my side and I have a lot more learning to do!

When at Blackie Spit you can see across to Ladner, Burnaby and North Vancouver. There is also a spit you can walk out on, it is a little slice of heaven on earth. I decided to use my artistic merit and paint eagles lounging on the old boat/doc ties. When I was a child in White Rock the eagles were on the endangered list, and it was very rare to see or hear one. Now anytime you go towards the water you can’t help but notice how many eagles there are. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by thousands of these majestic birds. I have learned from Indigenous teachings that some nations consider these birds direct messengers to the spirit realm where our ancestors reside. When I consider this knowledge it makes me appreciate these winged beauties even more.

I used bold colors and soft lines, indicative of a seductive sunset. I focused on pure complimentary colors to make this painting stand out. I wanted the painting to resemble this unique place, but with the intensity of my emotions tied to it. I didn’t fully realize how well I captured Blackie’s Spit until I had an art show kitty corner to it. During opening night of The Land We Occupy art show in Crescent Beach I watched as the mountains and water changed to that exactly depicted in this painting, I knew I had created something special in that moment. This piece emanates light and beauty, I feel like it glows just like the real place.

Thanks for reading,