Sold ~ Private Collection

The iceberg is an image of duality and an analogy for the human psyche. In this analogy the tip of the iceberg is believed to be the part of ourselves we show to others- the conscious drives and behaviors at the forefront. Beneath this tip lays a hidden, more primal part.  This part of the iceberg is much larger, normally 90% bigger and may influence our actions- these are the subconscious and hidden impulses/desires.

In this painting I wanted to capture the iceberg as a whole, not segregated or separated like the analogy of the split consciences as described above. I decided to force the perspective and show both the surface and underwater view of the iceberg. I wanted to show the radiance of the thing beneath which we may fear.

What we see on the surface may only be a small part of what lays beneath. 

Thanks for viewing,

Xo Melissa