Behind the Tie

Sold ~ Private Collection

Behind the Tie represents the formal façade may of us put on in our professional lives. We wake up in the mornings and put on a suit and tie or a face that doesn’t always mirror who we are inside. We may look professional and serious but inside our heads we are bursting with creativity and liveliness. We keep these things alive within ourselves but many of us don’t let them out for fear, not having enough time or whatever it may be. I believe most people have a spark and something unique to offer the world. This painting is meant to express the feelings of an individual struggling with different life roles. All too often I hear people speak of their passion and how they no longer engage with it. I know what it is like to push away my creativity and how unhealthy it made me. This image is meant to be a symbol of hope, because even if we cant fully engage with our passions we can still keep them alive inside our minds. And once and a while allow them to burst outside and come alive.