Strength of the Arbutus Oil on canvas 24″x36″ Available

I fell in love with the arbutus many years ago. I remember when I really began to notice them on Vancouver Island. Soon after I became familiar with this tree I began to see them everywhere, even in Vancouver. I learned that the Arbutus needs a high level of salt in the air to thrive. This is why you find them close to the ocean or even tidal lakes, such as Pitt Lake BC. They daringly grow off the sides of cliffs, often almost touching the water. Their desire to live close to water also means they often get beaten, dragged and pulled by winds. This causes the arbutus to gnarl and twist as it grows, lending to its striking beauty and strength. The arbutus is also the only leafy tree in Canada that keeps its leaves all year. What a cool tree! I wanted to paint an image of the arbutus pushing against the water and reaching towards the sunset. I dramatized the ocean’s waves in an attempt to created the feel of winds coming towards the tree and viewer. I hope this piece gives you the feeling of West Coast Canada and that it conveys my love for trees and the ocean. The arbutus is truly wonderful and Inspiring. – Melissa