Crescent Beach

This painting represents several aspects of Crescent Beach and Ocean Park, here in BC Canada. I was asked if I could paint a composite piece of both locations, which I was thrilled to accept! I grew up in White Rock and as a teenager and I spent most weekends walking […]

Reclaimed Memories

24”x48” each (dyptych 48″x96″ total) Mixed media – paper on wood Available   In an attempt to bring old paper and stories back to life I created something new. I sourced old music paper and journals. I combined my batik skills (2000 year old wax resistant dying process) with these […]

Whoopsie Daisy!

For purchasing prints click here I fell in love with Lop Eared rabbits after meeting one and spending time with him. These rabbits are almost like dogs, they can have attitude and make you want to say “ahhh” in adoration. In this piece this bunny has purposely made a mess […]

Face to Face

I have always loved the northern climates, especially after several years working and living in various northern regions. It was only a matter of time before I began to fall in love with the polar bear. I have steadily become more and more interested in this solitary hunter. The polar […]

Dance of the Chickadee!

The song of the chickadee can be heard anywhere you go, you just have to listen. This little guys look sweet but they can be fierce and territorial. This is a mixed media piece made from recycled paper and various mediums. Enjoy! Melissa Burgher

Lounging Arbutus

Available I painted this arbutus after spending a few weekends on Pitt Lake. As I paddled up and down the shoreline I noticed arbutus leaves sticking out here and there, hidden away. Pitt Lake is full of so many hidden arbutus, I wanted to paint the arbutus instead right in […]

Secret Beach – Hidden Cove

Tofino is a wonderful place full of some of the best views Vancouver Island has to offer. I went there three summers ago to paint. The vast openness of the water was breathtaking. When you stand there you know you are standing at the edge of western Canada. This particular […]


  Prints Available This is one of my favorite paintings, not just to look at but in creating it. I love orcas for their bonds and loyalty to each other. The family unit works together to fish and to keep each other safe. Scientists believe the orca may surpass humans […]


My love for orcas can be seen in many of my early works, such as this one. The orca is known for interpersonal skills with family members and being highly intelligent. I wanted to put a different spin on this animal and show the often cold and harsh environment it […]


  I fell in love with the arbutus many years ago. I remember when I really began to notice them on Vancouver Island. Soon after I became familiar with this tree I began to see them everywhere, even in Vancouver. I learned that the Arbutus needs a high level of […]


Private Collection 16”x16” Acrylic on canvas This is the first painting I did in Ireland inside the Ring of Kerry. I woke up early, packed all my art and photography gear and hiked up a mountain that stood opposite to Carrauntoohil. This mountain may seem like a hill compared to […]

The Seeker

In this piece we find a bull elk walking in a surreal winter landscape. The elk is walking towards something that seems more like a dream than reality. This imagery evokes feelings of wonder and mystery. The Seeker represents the ability to keep moving onward and upward even through challenging […]


This painting aims to express thoughts through movement and colors. The wolfs head is bowed; this can be seen as a sign of sublimation to what is happening in the outside world. It can also be interpreted as a deep mental state of thought processing, like a person who bows […]

You & I

In this image we see the phenomenon of the Sun Dogs. The Sun Dogs come out when the air gets cold enough to form ice crystals and the light of the sun bounces off them. Watching this miracle are trees standing together, almost as pairs. The world combines its elements […]