Behind the Tie

Behind the Tie represents the formal façade may of us put on in our professional lives. We wake up in the mornings and put on a suit and tie or a face that doesn’t always mirror who we are inside. We may look professional and serious but inside our heads […]

The Lions

I went up the Howe Sound Trail up Seymour Mountain last fall to see St. Marks Summit. Before the summit there is a delightful clearing showing the next hike 20 min from the lookout. This next hike is the Lions, seen between beautiful trees and bouncing Whiskey Jacks. I hiked […]


The iceberg is an image of duality and an analogy for the human psyche. In this analogy the tip of the iceberg is believed to be the part of ourselves we show to others- the conscious drives and behaviors at the forefront. Beneath this tip lays a hidden, more primal […]

Lax Gibuu

I have been interested and intertwined with indigenous culture my entire life. Part of what has drawn me to this culture is the stories and reverence for the animals and the spirit realm. The sophisticated stories of how man, woman and the world came to be are surrounded by shared […]


Today is World Happiness Day! Lets (try to) be happy! Whats makes you happy? We are all so unique and different and each one of us requires different things to feel happy. For myself, its the inspiration being drawn from the muse, often nature. This inspiration makes me feel elevated […]