Every day is a good day

Today was a busy day, I spent 4 hours painting my new piece “Spirit of the West” in the morning, it will be done in the next few days and ready for The International Women’s Day Galla in Squamish, the theme is compassion. I dropped a painting off at Amethyst […]

Good day internet people!

Woke up this morning with a lot to do, Finish research proposal studying the effects of camera phones on memory, Reading a Rensinck chapter on visual processing, And most of all trying to finish a painting for the Squamish International Women’s Day Art Show – This painting has been very […]

new website

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new website! I am a full time artist and student trying to give back to my community and explore life through my art. I am currently working on a painting for International women’s day which I am excited to finish soon, the theme is Compassion!. […]