Northern Nostalgia – Art Exhibition

The show is fast approaching! You may be wondering what to expect, what will make this event worth the effort of going to 163 W Pender in downtown Vancouver? My answer: the event will have 18 original works, for one artist this is significant. Eight of these works have been […]

First Solo Exhibit & How it all Began

It’s finally happening, all from happenstance. I have been a firm believer in the power of social support for artists. I stopped painting for a brief time as I no longer thought I had anything to offer. I met someone and he believed in me. The outcome? I haven’t stopped […]

Navigating the Vast Art World – One Artists Experiences

As a painter and someone who wishes to sell paintings I have been trying various arenas to get my work out there. There is so much to chose from: cafes, online platforms, markets, special events, dare I say….galleries? The list goes on….. When I first began painting professionally a few […]