Northern Nostalgia – Art Exhibition

The show is fast approaching! You may be wondering what to expect, what will make this event worth the effort of going to 163 W Pender in downtown Vancouver?
My answer: the event will have 18 original works, for one artist this is significant. Eight of these works have been painted in the past two months with the aim of portraying my love for the north. You can expect to see ethereal landscapes with bold and varying color pallets. I have continued to use strong colors but stepped outside of my regular palette and used more modern colors for my northern series. I have created these works to show my internal feelings when I think of northern climates such as survival, bewilderment and humility. I have learned how the most uninhabitable places in the world, such as northern Canada, hosts animals like the polar bear who can flourish in these brutal yet beautiful environments.The other works available are an assortment of other Canadian images with a couple of abstract pieces and some psychology influenced pieces.
The venue has everything for a relaxing yet fun space to interact. The building itself has an industrial feel but with a modern facelift. There is a washroom and kitchen. Directly across from the venue is a secured underground parking lot. The venue building has a sign that reads 163 W Pender, the cross street is Cambie. On opening night, March 2, I am doing an artist talk at 8pm. If you would like to purchase art I accept credit or cash, sorry no debit machine! We could also arrange paypal or e-transfer. If you like post-impressionist or modern Canadian art I believe there is something for you at this show.
For buying alcohol same thing applies from above but it will be slightly cheaper if you pay using cash. March 3, Saturday doors will be open all day until midnight after which there is an after-party. March 4 is the last day to purchase art at the show or come hang out. Sunday goes from 10am- 10pm and every evening there is alcohol available after 6pm.
So please, spread the word and come say hi! I promise, it wont be an event to miss!

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