First Solo Exhibit & How it all Began

It’s finally happening, all from happenstance.

I have been a firm believer in the power of social support for artists. I stopped painting for a brief time as I no longer thought I had anything to offer. I met someone and he believed in me. The outcome? I haven’t stopped since.

A couple of months ago I was reluctant to go to a friends birthday party, I was tired/not wanting to socialize…the list went on. I knew that I should go and that I would have fun. I also thought hey, you never know who you will meet. Well this night turned out to take me for quite the spin! I soon started making new friends and showed one of them a drawing of a racoon wearing a top hat. The person who saw this drawing immediately started viewing my other works and he seemed to be very interested in my process and asked if I had done a show before. I replied “well I have not had a solo show” He began to say he wanted to help me. Next thing I know we are talking business and looking at spaces in Vancouver.

As an artist I have struggled to keep friends and make new friends as I have competing interests. Many of you know I have a 9-5 full time job & that doing art is also full time. This does not leave much time to socialize or engage with other activities. However, I wouldn’t be where I am with my art if it wasn’t for people believing in me and friends moral support. I think that art, just like music and other expressions of interest can really bring people together. Speaking of bringing people together, I have my first solo show Northern Nostalgia this weekend! I will be writing up another post on everything you need to know, but for now I have attached the flyer with the important details. Stay tuned for a blog on my concept and what to expect.

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