The Second Annual How Great Thou Art Fest

On June 6, 2015, I went to Mission B.C. for the second annual How Great Thou Art fest. This was my first attempt at an outdoor art show. I had to purchase a 10X10 canopy tent, chairs and tables. I was nervous as I had to pack up all these purchased items and 22 paintings into one vehicle. Furthermore, I had to come up with a way of displaying my art, how would this all work I thought? Well, luckily I am creative and so I put my thinking cap on. A neighbor had some scrap 4X4 wood in the alley behind my house and I had some L brackets. I went and bought some shallow screws and began screwing the back of my paintings into the 4X4’s. Alas! It worked beautifully!

On the day of the show it took a friend and I 20 minutes to set up. We arrived at 945 am and the art show was advertised to start at 1pm, so we had almost three hours to kill before the spectators came in. I watched how other artists built their display and I felt my display was one of the cheapest and more effective! So far, so good. Unfortunately not many spectators arrived for this event. For the spectators that did come to my tent most really liked my work, and I received lots of positive feedback.  I gave out many business cards and almost made three sales, but alas, I didn’t sell anything! Even though the event was a bit of a flop I learned from people that my art has “lot’s of movement… much emotion…..great color….” Yes, my artistic ego is feeling satisfied, but my pocket is still empty.

The best part of this experience was learning from people what they really liked. Feedback like this helps an independent artist decide which direction to continue or discontinue. The path to selling art is long and treacherous, but at the end of the day if I can make people feel or experience something in my work then I have already made it as an artist.




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