Good Evening

Spanish Banks, Vancouver

Last night I finished my plein air painting. It was the first time in 10 years I have done a true plein air scenery. I forgot how much I love painting in the outdoors. This little piece of heaven is only a few minutes away from where I live and I am excited to paint it’s neighboring beaches. While I was painting it began to rain but luckily I was able to block in all the shapes and colors, working rapidly to catch the light.

After I finished this work i started perusing online for artist calls. I find getting my artwork into public spaces can be difficult at times, so the best approach for me is to apply to artist’s calls. I happened upon one yesterday that I am very excited to create and apply for. It is called The Piece of Mind Art Exhibition and it’s theme is “Resilience”. Why am I so excited? Well, for any of you who do not know I am a psychology student at UBC and in my third year of undergrad studies. I am also a support worker for abused women and children, and a key worker for autistic men. So being able to create an artwork that fuses psychology and art together is a very exciting concept for me. You may wonder, why now? Couldn’t you have created this fusion without an art call if you are so interested? My answer is, sure, however that kind of art in my style is difficult to market. I have done many psychological paintings that many people deemed “bizarre” and unfortunately never sold nor showcased.

I will be posting a new painting called “Spirit of the West” in the next couple of weeks that I am sure will cause a lot of conversation. It will be showing in Squamish for the International Women’s Day Art Show, the theme is “Compassion” and I am almost finished my piece!

Well, time for me to get back to work. Happy Monday1

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