Good day internet people!

Woke up this morning with a lot to do,
Finish research proposal studying the effects of camera phones on memory,
Reading a Rensinck chapter on visual processing,
And most of all trying to finish a painting for the Squamish International Women’s Day Art Show – This painting has been very controversial and even though I am worried and scared about the negative feedback I am also looking forward to the discussions it will open. Such as: Can someone choose to be two religions at once? Is the image of St.Mary one that brings negative connotations for some first nations people? (I believe for some it does) And how can we show reconciliation between the church and first nations people?

I myself was raised without religion but me and my siblings were told we could choose whatever we wanted to be. I am hoping this painting will demonstrate that religion and culture is fluid and some indigenous ideologies hold similar views to other cultures.

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