The Second Annual How Great Thou Art Fest

On June 6, 2015, I went to Mission B.C. for the second annual How Great Thou Art fest. This was my first attempt at an outdoor art show. I had to purchase a 10X10 canopy tent, chairs and tables. I was nervous as I had to pack up all these […]

Everywhere I go, I find Art

Recently, I have started painting on linen and really started enjoying how it works when used as negative space. To create this effect, I thinned out my oil paint with mineral spirits and created a nice watercolor feel while leaving the grey linen exposed. You can see this technique in […]

What You Pay for When You Buy Art

People often question the price of original pieces of art. Even for young artist’s such as myself, who barely charge more than the cost of materials, I often here “would you take $x instead”. I think many people do not understand what they are paying for when buying an original piece of […]

Unexpected Adventures at Brandywine

So it went like this: We decided to do a “short” day adventure at Brandywine Falls near Whistler to paint and photograph the bottom of this very large and beautiful waterfall. The waterfall was only a ten minute hike from the road, with heavy gear in tow we found it […]

Squamish Estuary

I spent part of the day at Squamish on Tuesday morning and early afternoon. I have an art piece being shown at the Squamish Public Library for International Women’s Day: “Spirit of the West” .  The theme of this women’s art show is “Compassion”. There were some excellent pieces by […]